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  • OE Div Posted on January 20, 2007 08:16 pm Name: Jim 'Yogi' Yaeger

    Comments: Served in OE div from Jan. '60 to Apr. '62. Hell of a great ship .... helluva bunch of great sailors.

    See you in Nashville!
  • Passing Louis James Caldwell Posted on January 13, 2007 02:34 pm Name: Lynn Pidal
    Location: Highland, California

    Comments: My Uncle Jim passed away November 9th, 2006. I was not able to locate his address book but I did email the chaplain so I am hoping the information will be passed to the members. I was not able to locate his address book and I would have liked to have personally called Charlie Fossell as he was a good friend of my uncle. My uncle would look forward to Charlie's phone calls, he would always say "no one can talk like Charlie".

    I was truly blessed to have met many of you when we attended the reunion in 2005 and we were looking forward to attending 2006, but due to his declining health he was no longer able to travel.

    I pray that God continues to bless you and your families for all that you did for our country.

    Lynn Pidal
  • Reconnect Posted on January 8, 2007 07:03 am Name: P W Gilbert
    Location: Springfield, VT

    Comments: I am a plank-owner on USS Little Rock CLG-4. Prior to that I was on shore duty at Radar school "A" in Norfolk, VA
    I was aquainted with a student who went aboard the Canberra in late 1959 as a RDSN, His name is Ron Hoffman. I am trying to reconnect, anybody who has information, please E-mail me. Thanks
  • Capt. Carrison Posted on January 4, 2007 05:06 pm Name: Dan Carrison

    Comments: Hello,

    My Dad was skipper of the Canberra in the early 60's (can't remember exactly when).

    Does anyone remember Capt. Carrison?


    Dan Carrison (his son)
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