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  • Ship Building Posted on August 31, 2008 12:38 pm Name: Al Chamberlin
    Location: Sun City, Az.

    Comments: Served on Canberra from 60-62. best years of my life, after my wife. My Dad helped build the ship at the Bethleham shipyard in Quincy Ma. I was in Fox Golf Div.
  • Richard Hoffman shipmates, OCT 44 Posted on August 30, 2008 04:26 am Name: Matt
    Location: Arizona

    Comments: My grandfather has led a long and outstanding life. He and my beautiful grandmother raised 3 wonderful and compassionate daughters, each haveing raised families with values and integrity matched by few. I would love to hear any stories or remembrances that someone may have to share, as these tales and thoughts can be passed on from generation to generation.
  • Cruise Books Posted on August 26, 2008 07:59 pm Name: Don Downen
    Location: Staunton, VA

    Comments: I'm looking for cruise books for the years, 58, 59, 60. I don't know why I never got the books, but would like to have a copy of them. If anyone has copies, I'd be willing to pay for them.
    They can reach me at
  • Looking for shipmates Posted on August 24, 2008 09:07 pm Name: Bud Robinson (Forest)

    Comments: Served onboard from mid 1959 to July 1961 in 2nd Div. World cruise was great.
  • Good Job Posted on August 18, 2008 07:37 pm Name: Peter Jelito
    Location: Tuolumne, CA

    Comments: What an improvement to the web site. Did not have any buttons to click on before. This is much better; congratulations!!
    Will be at the convention in San Diego. Looking forward to meeting anyone having been on the ship from Oct.1960 to Nov. 1963 to spin some yarn (from premature 5" bursts to sea bats on the middies cruise).
  • Crew Member Posted on August 17, 2008 03:05 pm Name: Robert Hobbs
    Homepage: shipmates
    Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Comments: I was part of the precommissioning detail. I served as part of the repair division. I spent two years from 1956-1958 and was transferred just before the world cruise. I'm retired now for over 20 years. My rate upon retirement was HTCS or DCCS. Would be happy to hear from any shipmates.
  • 1956/57 cruise book Posted on August 17, 2008 01:04 pm Name: Jeff

    Comments: Hi, my father served aboard for the recommissioning cruise in 1956. He lost this (and all of his) cruise book in Hurricane Andrew - a direct hit as he was living in Homestead, FL at the time. I was wondering if anyone had a lead on where to find a replacement.

  • Passing away Posted on August 15, 2008 06:33 pm Name: Stanley Coates
    Location: Rothschild Wi

    Comments: Stan was very proud to have served in the Navy. He passed away Aug 10. Fought a courages battle. He had a cancerous brain tumor. A thank you to each of you for serving our country. We enjoyed the reunions.

    Dorothy Coates
  • nice site Posted on August 14, 2008 08:55 pm Name: Sterra
    Location: Lome Togo

    Comments: My Grandfather was on the Canberra when it was torpedoed in WWII. The memory lives on in our family history. Jack Cassidy passed away in 1980.
  • Hey guys Posted on August 12, 2008 11:29 am Name: Richard Sales
    Location: Oak Grove, Missouri

    Comments: Love to hear from the guys in OL Div and S-1 Div. during West Pac 67 and 68.
  • World War II Posted on August 11, 2008 05:39 pm Name: Megan C.

    Comments: My Grandfather was on the Canberra when it was torpedoed in WWII. The memory lives on in our family history. Jack Cassidy passed away in 1980.
  • Looking for information about events that happened in 1966 and 1967 Posted on August 9, 2008 02:02 pm Name: Joe Henry Harris

    Comments: We are trying to find out information about the night that the ship was shelled between the years 1966-1967.
  • mess cooking Posted on August 6, 2008 02:07 pm Name: Tom Guy
    Location: Carlsbad, CA

    Comments: I wonder about old shipmates such as Al Gambetta, David Ford, Glen Newland, Tom Cotter: probably spelled wrong, or Mike Dillingham.or ?dillywacker" I was a very young ?kid? on CAG-2, I loved duty on her a lot. I worked in the chief's mess helping with washing dishes and cooking breakfast with John Adams: a really great guy. If you want to send a note, please put "Canberra sailorman? in the subject line. is my email. I hope to hear from you
  • Looking for Posted on August 2, 2008 11:39 am Name: Bud Hall

    Comments: Served 1962-63 in OI Div. Like to hear from any of my ole friends, especially Shorty Mclellan. We played music together onboard and he ran the radio station.
  • MY DAD Posted on August 2, 2008 12:25 am Name: BERTRAND NICELY

    Comments: My dad, Bertrand Nicely, he might have been called Frank or maybe Bert, but he served sometime in the 60s. I'm tring to find info about it. If anybody can help me I would appreciate it.
  • On Board '66 to '69 Posted on July 29, 2008 05:00 pm Name: Don Spruill
    Location: Birmingham, AL

    Comments: I was on board Canberra from '66 to '69 in "E" Division. Anyone from this division please contact me.
  • VIETNAM Posted on July 25, 2008 01:37 pm Name: JOHN E. SMITH
    Location: BAKERSFIELD, CA.

  • Canberra Posted on July 23, 2008 10:46 pm Name: Edward Kelly
    Location: Cleveland, Ohio

    Comments: I was going through my father's "junk" as he called it. (why would something that was "top secret" that no one was allowed to disturb would be called "junk" I do not know. I found a scrapbook filled with itty bitty pictures, news clippings about the torpedoing and things like that. There is even a few oil paintings he was proud of. It was sad that when we wanted to talk about his experience aboard the Canberra back in 43-45; he would get real quiet and tell us only a few things. He often said that these things were best kept to the depths of the sea.
    There are a bunch of yellow tissue paper traveling papers and specs papers. I do not know if they are of any value to anyone.

    There are also special officers club tickets and matchbooks.

    I am bringin this up because the 4th of July fireworks reminded me of when my father would tell us that aboard the ship with the guns going full blast, it was consitent fireworks.

    Oh well, I was just wondering....

    BTW, Dad DIED in 1998.

    Robert J. Kelly
    Ensign, LT Jr Grade

    Safe Harbor, Dad.

    Edward Kelly
  • OE Division Posted on July 18, 2008 09:20 pm Name: Carman Peltzer
    Location: Mount Airy, MD

    Comments: Served on Canberra CAG-2 from 10/64 to 9/66 in the OE Division as an ETR. If my memory is correct, Ken Minick was a First Class ET who liked to give people nicknames, mine was "Doc". Made two WestPac Cruises. Retired in '83 as an ETC after twenty years. Now a professional Santa Claus.
  • USS Canberra Posted on July 14, 2008 11:19 am Name: Rosemary Southard
    Homepage: Canberra
    Location: Tennessee

    Comments: Hello: I was looking at ships on the net, and I thought about the Canberra. My husband was on that ship around 1967 and 68. I was interested in the ship itself. We are trying to find some of the people that were on the ship during that time. We are interested in talking to anyone who was aboard during that time period. Thank you very much.
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