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  • Posted on October 20, 1998 10:31 pm Name: Rene' Andre' Te'trault
    Location: Marion, KY.

    Comments: Thanks for the information on Lt. Bob Bethal. Have been wondering about him for about 30 yrs. now and finally got to talk to him. Once again thanks a million. Hope to be able to be at the reunion and am looking forward to seeing some of the old shipmates and new ones too. Once again thank you.
  • Posted on October 16, 1998 11:00 pm Name: James Phillips
    Location: Asheville, NC

    Comments: Crewmember 43-45, ICM1/c
  • Posted on October 14, 1998 01:22 am Name: Clifford Schmidt
    Location: Salem, Oregon

    Comments: I've been reading the Canberra Assoc. newsletter and was curious about the webpage which took me here. I've not looked at the entire offering, but am impressed with the USS CA 70 photo. It brought back memories. I was standing on the starboard side at the quarterdeck just forward of where the torpedo hit. Cliff
  • Posted on October 12, 1998 09:44 pm Name: Richard M. Poe (BM3) 4th Division
    Email: RPOE@ENCAD
    Location: Dayton, Ohio (living now in San Diego)

    Comments: I was onboard Canberra in '62 to the Chestnut Line for the blockade. I came with her and a great bunch of guys through the Canal and to the west coast. I have tried to find out where she is, hopefully just mothballed. She was an outstanding ship with outstanding sailors.
  • Posted on October 9, 1998 11:59 pm Name: JOE BEVILACQUA
    Email: BEV623@AOL.COM
    Location: New Jersey

  • Posted on October 6, 1998 11:41 am Name: Te'trault, Rene'
    Location: Marion, Ky.

    Comments: Served on the Canberra 62-65 in communication dept. Please forward me any information available and membership papers. Thank you, Te'trault; 127 First St. Marion, Ky. 42064
  • Posted on October 5, 1998 03:35 pm Name: Roy Hansen
    Location: Marlboro, Ma

    Comments: Thank You for the invite, I showed up the morning of the first day of your reunion and met a FEW GOOD MEN. I was the shipmate from the USS BOSTON. The web site is great, good luck on your next reunion.
  • Posted on October 3, 1998 10:31 pm Name: Joseph Ruggiero
    Location: Westbury, NY

    Comments: I served on the USS Canberra (CA-70) when she was torpedoed on Friday the 13th, October of 1944. It was nice to see this great web page.
  • Posted on October 3, 1998 01:36 am Name: Jerry O'Dell
    Email: or
    Location: Homer, Michigan

    Comments: GMM in 8th Div. on the Canberra CAG-2 out of Norfolk, later switched to ET and served on the West coast. Several other ships and commands. Great site. I was onboard during the time the CAG-2 pictures shown in the site were taken. I think that's me with the headphones on near launcher #2. I worked on that launcher.
  • Posted on September 28, 1998 08:03 pm Name: Hugh Meehan
    Location: Southern Maryland

    Comments: Stationed on Canberra from 9/60 - 9/64 as Radioman.
  • Posted on September 24, 1998 03:22 am Name: Duane Testut
    Location: Near Ithaca, NY

    Comments: I served on CAG-2 in F Div. from 12/56 through 8/59. About 8 months ago I discovered this web site and the "Members of the Crew" pages and was able to attend my first reunion in Framingham. Thanks to all who have a part in keeping the memories of a great ship alive. The web pages, Reunion Association and newsletters are first class!
  • Posted on September 23, 1998 03:24 am Name: Lon Hurt
    Location: Tennessee

    Comments: LT-10/67-02/70 (CIC Officer) Many fond memories.
  • Posted on September 22, 1998 08:54 pm Name: John D. Stegman
    Location: Columbus, Ohio

    Comments: Great, lots of memories!
  • Posted on September 22, 1998 04:25 pm Name: George Eroh
    Location: Sunbury, PA

    Comments: E-Division; Date on board 09/15/56; Date off 06/15/60; Rate EM2.
  • Posted on September 22, 1998 03:22 am Name: Raymond H. Gibson
    Location: West Virginia

    Comments: Served CAG-2 June 56 to March 58 9th division. Looking for anyone from 9th division or serving during this period of time.
  • Posted on September 22, 1998 02:53 am Name: Dick TAFT
    Location: Upstate New York & Ft Myers, Fl

    Comments: Like what I see, real fine job Bryan,keep up the good work, "F" Div. CA70
  • Posted on September 22, 1998 02:17 am Name: Jim Morvay
    Location: Union City, PA

    Comments: Nice way of communicating with other shipmates. Served on CAG-2 from 7/60 to 7/62 in the Engineering Log Room. M Division Yeoman. Hope to be at the reunion in DC next year.
  • Posted on September 22, 1998 02:10 am Name: Arlon R. Sibert
    Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

    Comments: Fox Division, FT-2 On board From 58/9 to '61 One of the lucky ones to make the ["Round The World Cruise"] 9 months Norfolk to Norfolk. Grew up in Iowa, moved to Las Vegas in '63. Would like to see a reunion on the West Coast or Las Vegas!
  • Posted on September 22, 1998 02:03 am Name: Harry W Spencer
    Location: Shell Knob, Missouri

    Comments: Member of the crew from 1967 to 1969. OI Division.
  • Posted on September 12, 1998 07:38 am Name: Chuck Marino GMG3 / 6th Division
    Location: West Haven, Connecticut

    Comments: Great job in honoring the memory of a great ship. She served our nation well through some of the most dangerous times in our history. Thank you all for keeping the history and the memory alive, may she never be forgotten. I am proud to have been part of that history during the early days of the Viet Nam War. On board June 1963 to July 1965. CAG2, Can-do Kangaroo!
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