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  • Posted on August 7, 1999 08:09 pm Name: Milt Gilbert
    Location: Clovis, California

    Comments: I'm a member, and a great job on the pages
  • Posted on August 1, 1999 03:07 am Name: Doug Molzahn
    Email: d&
    Location: Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

    Comments: Served on commissioning crew l956 for CAG-2 in Norfolk. Went to Philadelphia Navy Shipyard for commissioning. Served in the Training and Education Office 1956-1958. Left Canberra in Naples, Italy December 26 to return to Brooklyn Naval Station for discharge. A GREAT SHIP AND CREW. Discharged as PN2
  • Posted on July 30, 1999 05:55 pm Name: K.A.
    Location: Wheat Ridge, CO

    Comments: Served on Canberra CAG-2 from 1964-68 in M-Division.
  • Posted on July 22, 1999 02:53 am Name: Frank DeNoia
    Location: Connecticut

    Comments: We enjoyed all the information. See you at the reunion Frank DeNoia, a member of the crew 7th division & Ann DeNoia, a member of the crew, a U.S.S. Canberra cutie.
  • Posted on July 10, 1999 11:32 pm Name: Mark Will
    Location: Clallam Bay, WA

    Comments: Great Web site you have here. I would like to see this informative Web site honoring your ship entered into the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web Ring at . I will be glad to help you enter this Web site into the Web Ring if you need assistance. Email me at I hope with the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web Ring we can encourage others to read about the sacrifices so many made during that period of recent history. Thank you for visiting and posting on the discussion forum at the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web Ring Web Site ( I invite others to join us in the discussion forum on the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web Ring Web site. Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web Ring
  • Posted on July 7, 1999 05:10 pm Name: James F. Beaver
    Location: Marietta, Ohio

    Comments: Served on Canberra early 57 to June 60.Was in O.I. Division and would like to hear from old shipmates.
  • Posted on July 7, 1999 01:20 am Name: Jim Rossbach
    Location: Port Angeles, WA

    Comments: Great site you have here! We are looking for shipmates and friends of the ex-USS Richard S. Edwards DD-950. Please join us at our online photo album at . Then add your name to the crew list and sign the guest book at the Web site. A small West Coast mini-reunion is being planned at the DD-951 Turner Joy in Bremerton, WA for late August or early Sept. 1999. The main DD-950 reunion is scheduled for June 2000. Full information is available at the Web site. Or write me at: Jim Rossbach, POB 513, Port Angeles, WA 98362. The Voicemail number is: 1-888-TELEBOT, then Ext. 417-2190. Please help find our ex-shipmates by copying or printing and posting this message to other bulletin boards you visit.
  • Posted on June 10, 1999 07:54 am Name: Charles A. Parr, Jr.
    Location: Denver, Colorado

    Comments: Served on board USS Canberra CAG2-CA 70, 4th Div., 1967-1969.
  • Posted on May 31, 1999 05:50 pm Name: Self, Jerry W.
    Location: Texas

    Comments: Great web site. I was on Canberra CAG-2. OR div. Nov. 1960 till Aug 1961. Hope to see some of my former shipmates on this web site.
  • Posted on May 30, 1999 11:16 pm Name: Mark Stockman
    Location: Kansas

    Comments: I love this little web page very much :)
  • Posted on May 15, 1999 01:55 am Name: DEAN C. BAKER
    Location: Essexville, MI

    Comments: I was aboard the Canberra from Dec. 61 thru Dec. 62--OR Division Yeoman.
  • Posted on May 13, 1999 06:14 pm Name: George Wardwell
    Location: Middletown, RI

    Comments: Your doing a super job Bryan! I am the president of one of the Naval Enlisted Reserve Association Chapters and we are investigating putting up a web page for our chapter. I am on line with the guy that runs the National Chapter web page and he has offered to assist us. We intend to create one and then try to link it to National Headquarters and any other local chapters that have the capability. Any advice for us? See you all in Washington!
  • Posted on May 13, 1999 01:58 am Name: Wallace B. Riley Jr
    Location: Ft. Worth, Texas

    Comments: I found the history lesson on this ship very interesting. My father, Wallace B. Riley, served on the Canberra when it was a guided missile ship. He has an original hand drawing of the kangaroo riding the missile. He was a radioman while he was on the Canberra.. He now lives in Huntsville, Texas. Wallace B. Riley Jr
  • Posted on May 9, 1999 09:27 am Name: Suzanne Luft
    Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Comments: My grandfather, Paul McKenna, had served on the USS Canberra during WWII. I was just hoping to learn a little more since he passed away in 1982 and I still think about him every day.
  • Posted on April 26, 1999 07:51 pm Name: Larry M. Freed
    Location: Athens, Michigan

    Comments: I served on the Canberra from 1959-1961 in the OI Div. This is a great web page keep up the good work.
  • Posted on April 26, 1999 01:27 am Name: Brenda Clark
    Location: Sunbury, PA

    Comments: Hello. I am Larry Botts daughter. I am trying to get some information for him. He does not have a computer yet so I am doing some stuff for him. He is excited to see what my sister and I find out. She also has a computer and is trying to find some stuff out. The picture of him on his birthday with the cake and balloons was really neat. Thank you for the information and Hope to talk soon.
  • Posted on April 24, 1999 02:52 am Name: Cristina Fogle
    Location: Lewisburg, PA

    Comments: My dad is Larry Botts who served on the CANBERRA CAG 2. He does not have a computer yet, so I try to get information that I think he would find interesting. This is wonderful. I even have pictures I am giving him at his reunion in 98' that I have found. Thanks.
  • Posted on April 11, 1999 04:02 pm Name: Joseph Bevilacqua
    Location: Lodi, NJ

    Comments: Hey guys, looking for Jesse Buchant, BM3. Left the ship in 1963 after Med cruise. Discharged, moved to Dobbs Ferry, NY. Last I saw him was in 1967 at my house. Any info e mail me, Joe Bevilaqua. Thanks.
  • Posted on April 4, 1999 11:48 pm Name: Thomas A. Helmick
    Location: Lambertville, Michigan

    Comments: Hello to my shipmates. I served as BM2, 2nd Division, from commissioning through 1945. I'd love to hear from any of my shipmates, who can e-mail me care of my nephew's e-mail address.
  • Posted on April 4, 1999 06:24 am Name: Howard M Larman Jr
    Location: Klamath Falls, Oregon

    Comments: I served a board the Canberra during the Viet Nam Conflict from late 1966 to late 1969 as an FTM3. Would like to find Mike Alexander who I served with during this same time period.
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